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One common dilemma most people are faced with is how to make the most out of their money. Some people choose to invest in the stock market, others in banks, and others in real estate. Lately, more and more people are electing to put their hard-earned money into real estate simply because banks are not paying high enough interest rates anymore. To put it in laymen's terms: real estate investing equals better profits.

Most recently, we have been working with many different and interesting shopping centers. One, in particular, has eight storefronts, and is located on the corner of two prime streets. It is one hundred percent occupied, and has a yearly net income of almost $300,000. Whichever investor purchases it will make 7% on their money. On average,

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As a real estate broker, I often find myself caught in a seasonal cycle of buying and selling. As the seasons change, so does the supply and demand of the marketplace. The longer you work in this business, the more you become attune to this annual pattern, and the better able you are to predict it.

When dealing with the residential side of real estate, the majority of buyers are people with families, and their schedules revolve around their children’s lives: school, extra-curricular activities, homework, vacations, etc. While it is not uncommon for families to buy their homes at different times of the year, most prefer to do so either in the Spring or in the Fall. It is during these two seasons that the market flourishes with families, who are eager to

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The Real Estate market is often compared to a roller coaster. It is very cyclic and generally goes through phases every 6 to 8 years. As these cycles occur, they affect buyers, sellers, investors, realtors, and multiple markets that are linked to Real Estate.

I will use my own experiences from when I first started in the business in the year 2000. It was a buyer’s market; homes were priced low. As a Real Estate professional, if I had a qualified buyer, I hit the jackpot! Several years went by and in late 2003, just as we were approaching 2004, everything started changing. Interest rates went down to 7-8% (Wow! It's half of that now). Prices on properties started inching up, and BOOM! Just like that, we hit a sellers market. Working with buyers is always

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Being a real estate professional is not only an enormous responsibility; it is also a way of being a resource to many individuals. We are always seeking new trends in the marketplace, educating ourselves on financial information, and monitoring the flow of the market so that we may be able to answer any questions you may have. Many of my associates, including myself, market ourselves in magazines, listing inventories, and on signs at various buildings. This makes us recognizable no matter where we go, and on multiple occasions, customers have come up to us to pick our brains on real estate. One question is asked above all others, and it is impossible to answer simply: “How is the market?”

Any person on the street can answer with a “good” or a “bad,”

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Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading my premier post about our company, and the wonderful and sometimes complex world of real estate.

I am Michael Dukhovny, the founder and CEO of United National Realty. I am very passionate about real estate, and I've trained my agents to be the same way. Real estate is a very diverse, complicated and unique industry. As we were launching our new website, I had a decision to make regarding the blog posts for our company, and I jumped at the opportunity to communicate with all of you. Over the last 10 years, we have grown from a tiny company with one office to a large organization with three locations and over 50 associates.

This blog provides me with the chance to write and discuss my views on the real estate

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