Michael Dukhovny Further Tackles the Staten Island Real Estate Market

Posted by United National Realty on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 11:30am.

Michael Dukhovny, Broker and owner of United National Realty, acquires property on Victory Boulevard, transcending it into a state-of-the-art facility.

When Mr. Dukhovny first came across 1682 Victory Boulevard, it was practically a dilapidated shack in a prime area of Castleton Corner in Staten Island, NY. He had long been searching for a suitable building to purchase and relocate his thriving real estate empire from its location on Hylan Boulevard. While this building was far from the ideal choice in terms of structure and appearance, it was conveniently located on a very busy avenue, close to many other businesses. Mr. Dukhovny decided to take the plunge and make the purchase. Thus, began a grueling, year-long enterprise to take 1682 Victory Boulevard from the precipice of despair and decay and transform it into the modern, high-tech structure it is today.

“I knew that renovating 1682 Victory Boulevard to meet my standards of excellence and simultaneously make it a befitting place of business for my agents would be a difficult task, but it was one that I was eager to undertake,” said Mr. Dukhovny. “Victory Boulevard is a very busy and thriving area close to everything so I knew it would be the perfect location for my office.”

As a result of his extensive work with commercial real estate, Mr. Dukhovny saw the immense potential of this new location, and knew exactly what needed to be done to make it prosperous. He tackled the project with extreme confidence and the knowledge that he could make it successful. Once construction began, there proved to be no end to Mr. Dukhovny’s imagination and creativity.

A dingy crawlspace was excavated and transformed into a beautiful basement complete with high ceilings and windows that now functions as the larger of two conference rooms. The first floor was extended both in the front and back to create a high-end reception area, manager’s office, and primary conference room. The buildings’ interior brickwork was restored to create a unique and modern feel in the second-floor office suites. The exterior of the building was adorned with a stylish stone and stucco façade, which graciously compliments the thriving company’s revamped image.

Mr. Dukhovny’s efforts proved to be fruitful as the arduous task of erecting a phoenix from the ashes of desolation was completed in an efficient and timely manner. The new 1682 Victory Boulevard stands proud amongst the adjacent buildings, helping to beautify the avenue, and proving that taking risks often results in immeasurable rewards. Looking at the redesigned edifice, it is evident that Mr. Dukhovny and his agents are destined for continued triumphs!

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